Foreign Language Expertise

Foreign Language Expertise


India has a rich cultural diversity with people speaking different regional languages. However, the prospects of learning foreign languages are growing day by day, with many job opportunities cropping up in both the government as well as the private sector. Due to the current situation, the working mode has now started shifting towards the online platforms. Working as a freelancer with knowledge of foreign languages has also gained immense popularity.

Learning a new language adds a new skill to the already existing skill set, and it also increases the chances of getting recruited by companies. This not only helps in improving the communication skills but can also help one explore an entirely different culture while getting an insight into the ancient texts written in the original language. Moreover, the horizon of work widens, allowing one to work as a global employee.

Including Courses

  • German Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Chinese Language
  • Italian Language
  • French Language
  • Korean Language
  • Japanese Language

Top learning objectives

  • Language in context: developing reading and writing skills
  • Integrating mind, body and heart
  • Developing listening and speaking skills
  • Research methodology
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Theory of Literature
  • Latin American Post Colonialism
  • French for Business
  • Micro Languages for Hospitality and Tourism Purposes
  • Introduction to Phonetics
  • Spanish and Latin American Culture and Civilization