Global economic uncertainty is making it more challenging to maintain revenue. The only way to succeed and survive in a market with few price advantages is to control costs. Managers fall into a trap when they fail to identify costs that can be controlled without affecting profitability.
During our cost management course, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the components and behaviour of cost. Additionally, you will be introduced to cutting-edge tools for setting attainable cost-reduction goals.

Top Learning Objectives

You don’t need any accounting or finance experience because we’ll go over everything from the ground up. We will use Microsoft Excel in the course to analyse and create a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement, so you must have access to and a basic understanding of how to use it.

We will also learn how to create the following financial models from scratch using Microsoft Excel:

  • Discounted Cash Flow,
  • the Weighted Average Cost of Capital,
  • Price to Earnings,
  • Price to Revenue, and so on – all from scratch (assuming you have no or some accounting/finance knowledge).

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