PR and marketing have become crucial for any business, government agency, or corporation due to globalization, the rapid dissemination of news via social media, and the free flow of information worldwide.

All are finding themselves exposed and vulnerable to the speed of communication and the power of unchecked narratives channelled through the web, from world-leading nations to small islands, global corporations to local businesses.

They are constantly scrutinized, making them more susceptible to the crisis than ever before. The need for constant “engagement” and “relationship building” has become the PR and marketing profession’s bread and butter in this new media world order.

In addition to focusing on the shifts in the practice, this course will discuss the most recent public relations industry trends and methods. You will learn the “how to,” “when to,” and “what” of a successful public relations campaign over the course of the four sessions.

Along with focus group-based exercises and case studies based on the instructor’s personal experience with world leaders in conflict, the applications of influence in communications and public relations will be discussed.

Digital strategies and social media’s current best practices will be studied.

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