The S&P 500 demonstrates the increasing significance of intangible assets like brands in driving company growth and value. Executives who are well-informed and comprehend the effectiveness of marketing know how to use their brands as a growth platform. This point has not been lost on senior advertisers, who positioned brand methodology as their main need during 2020. However, many marketers struggle with starting and structuring brand-driven growth initiatives.

To propel growth, the majority of marketing executives will prioritize quantity over quality. As a result, product portfolios and experiences that feel “off-brand” become disjointed. Brand-driven growth can cause more harm than good if properly understood.

By dividing the process of comprehending and articulating a brand-driven growth plan into a series of sessions, Delivering Brand-Driven Growth addresses this issue. You will be able to use the Brand-Driven Growth Blueprint to create a practical plan that will assist you in achieving successful brand-driven growth after completing the course.

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