Employees need to understand, believe in, and advocate for the organisation’s future direction to become ambassadors.

By providing a clear line of sight between business strategy and the roles that each employee plays in delivering it, internal communicators play a unique and crucial role in the success of an organisation in an environment that is becoming increasingly cost-driven and value-focused.

This course will show how the Inside Correspondences capability upholds the correspondence of business technique, yet in addition assumes an imperative part in its conveyance, by:

  • Making the case to senior stakeholders for an organisation’s internal communications capability that is effective and strategically aligned
  • Increasing internal stakeholders’ awareness, comprehension, and advocacy of your business strategy
  • Shifting your internal communications away from tactical interventions and toward a more strategically aligned, value-adding approach 
  • Showing how effective internal communication is crucial to your business’s success
  • Aiding you in assessing and increasing your influence as a strategic communications partner

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