Credit risk management is no longer the sole responsibility of financial institutions like banks. Non-financial institutions have been forced to recognize the importance of credit risk management as a result of increased competition and statutory disclosure requirements. Whether a consumer goods manufacturer or a bank, all businesses require credit modelling, management, and assessment. A comprehensive strategy for dealing with credit risk is reflected in credit risk assessment, modelling, and management.

You don’t need any accounting or finance experience because we’ll go over everything from the ground up. We will use Microsoft Excel in the course to analyse and create a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement, so you must have access to and a basic understanding of how to use it.

We will also learn how to create the following financial models from scratch using Microsoft Excel:

  • Discounted Cash Flow,
  • the Weighted Average Cost of Capital,
  • Price to Earnings,
  • Price to Revenue, and so on – all from scratch (assuming you have no or some accounting/finance knowledge).

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