The foundations of business success are a successful product launch and brand positioning. Companies frequently rush into commercial product launches or brand positioning without adequately considering important strategic issues. Poor financial performance, inadequate customer focus, poorly defined segments, a functionally driven value proposition, confused brand positioning, and so on are some of the outcomes of poor brand positioning.

Through the application of tried-and-true methods for product launch and brand management in your organization, this highly interactive course will assist you in resolving these issues. The material takes you, bit by bit, through the course of fruitful item send-off and mark situating utilizing a scope of down-to-earth and simple-to-apply best practice instruments. This indicates that you will immediately apply the new information to your company hands-on, yielding immediate business advantages. Additionally, you can use Canvas as a blueprint for future projects related to brand positioning and product launches.

To share best practices, case material from a wide range of industries is investigated and evaluated. Using this strategy, you can gain insights based on other industries whose principles can be applied to your organization and that you may not have encountered before.
Metrics and analytical methods that aid in lowering the risk associated with brand positioning and the introduction of new products will receive some attention throughout the course. This does not necessitate previous statistical expertise. The analysis itself will not be the primary focus; rather, it will be on its practical application.

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