Competency Development Programme (CDP) on Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Handling regular change that comprises a competing environment, geographical expansion and business growth, it is vital to use important benchmarking inputs to come to the right conclusions. Although business objectives are often discussed in leadership forums and board meetings, there still exists a gap in how they are translated to process performance, benchmark and organisational capability. It is difficult for a firm to rise without strong processes in place, which is especially true for those companies that are meant to deliver a necessary output constantly. So, the requirement is to have such practices that can aid in maintaining less flaws in operations, organisational capability and well controlled processes. The corporate success story identifies the Lean Six Sigma methodology as a contributor to obtaining the required results. This helps the practitioners to use correct information to derive a useful benchmark and conclusions. The methodology is about lessening performance excellence, process and defect. This programme has been undertaken by thousands of participants in the past. These participants have given testimonials that speak about potential benefits of the programme. We have also applied Lean Six Sigma to several projects across different domains and industries and seen benefits.

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