The goal of this course is to make management accounting skills more advanced and forward-looking so that they can contribute to the organisation’s overall strategic and managerial growth. In today’s increasingly competitive and uncertain business environment, this is crucial for the organisation’s survival and expansion.

Improvement of financial management responsibility so that you can contribute significantly to your organisation’s growth and financial stability. Aligning the management reporting function with the business strategy makes it easier to keep an eye on ongoing advancements and contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals. Delegates will also get the operational and management skills they need to help the organisation understand each other.

Here you will learn how to set and keep track of financial goals while also evaluating your organisation’s financial performance. You will determine how to monitor and respond to any deviations in your organisation’s favour. You will be able to make better decisions overall and keep an eye on performance, which will positively affect your company’s profitability.

Presentations, specific examples, case studies, videos, and experiences based on experience will all be used to learn in this course.

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